In times when health needs to be rethought, 

we strive for innovative, individual solutions.


In times when health needs to be rethought, 

we strive for innovative, individual solutions.


our mission

We have made it our mission to develop personalised digital products and services to fulfill the healthcare needs of each individual.


Our mission starts by rethinking the European online experience of pharmacies, while simultaneously establishing collaborations and cooperation with technologies, services, and start-ups around the world. 

Technologies like personalised 3D-printed pharmaceuticals or collaborations with digital healthcare start-ups allow us to venture towards creating an integrated health platform, that redefines the future of personalised healthcare.

the team

We are a young, agile team, consisting of experts in digital product development, product design, strategy, and health.


To reach new horizons in the field of digital health, we are on the constant look out for talent to reinforce our team in Mannheim.


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Support us in making a change. 


We are constantly expanding our digital unit and are looking for people who shine in their profession, while having the same passion towards the greater goal: to rethink and optimise the world of health solutions.

start-up dynamic, corporate resources

We are a proud member of PHOENIX group, Europe’s leading pharmaceutical trading company. PHOENIX group is one of the largest family businesses in both Germany and Europe.


We are committed to actively drive the group’s digital activities and support its vision to be "the best integrated healthcare provider". To do so, we act independently and detached from the core business.


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